Services: Home

From a simple setup of hiding the wires to whole home control, we have you covered!

You will be amazed at all that we offer!

Of course we offer complete home care for any computer system you have, Apple, PC, Linux, no problem. We have been helping users get there computer issues straight for years and these days with everything going mobile, the cloud (a fancy way of saying someone else's servers) is even more relevant... and keeping everything in sync more important than ever.

Have home videos you want to watch while you are away from your home? This shouldn't be a problem for you and we can help you get this all setup!

Did you open an email that you shouldn't have? We can help fix that as well!

Whoops, just deleted your favorite picture and can't seem to locate it? We can help by providing you with data recovery services!

New TV and this time you don't want to see the wires! No problem and it doesn't have to cost close to a thousand dollars either! What about universal remotes? Tired of having 3 remotes to turn things on, off and control the volume, we can solve this as well!

Imagine being on a trip and you get an email (from your house) saying it has detected water in the basement! Think this has to cost thousands? Nope!

Want to answer your doorbell while you are traveling to ... anywhere? Video and Audio is no problem and not expensive!

Portable audio - everyone has heard of it, want to try it out? It is super easy and most of the expense is the equipment itself!

Do you have contacts on one device, calendars on another, another (with some overlapping) contacts on a third device? We can fix that also!

Need cables pulled throughout your home for audio and video? Call today, we can help!

Think your backup is running properly? Have you tested it?

Want to know if you left the garage door open? What about a camera at the front door? All while being monitored via your smartphone!

NEST Smart Thermostat - yep - we do those!

Apple doesn't get all the fun (although we love the Apple TV and iPad Mini!)
Android (Google) is another 'small' player in the field and offers tons of variety!

Don't want to pay someone else yearly fees for cloud hosting? Be your own cloud! We can get you setup with any number of hardware options ranging from low cost NAS units to the high end!

We also offer onsite lessons from anything QuickBooks / Quicken to how to create videos / collages to family photo DVD's to share (although we prefer YouTube for sharing)

Do you have kids? Need parental controls? No problem! Want to take that to the next level and be able to shut off a specific portable device from the internet remotely? Yep - that can be done.

Don't believe the hype! Your friends are not stuck in Mexico and they do not need you to send them $1000 right now!! - Spam (YUK) - we can help you install software that can help keep you safe and secure online!

Want to dump your cable or satellite provider... but seen friends clumsy setup workarounds (usually limited to one TV at best)? There is another way and you can be free of most of your monthly bill! I say most because lets be real, The Walking Dead is simply incredible and worth paying for (as it is on AMC and not aired on public channels and cannot (as of 2014) be freely streamed through their web portal) <- all this getting to complicated? That is why we are here!

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We offer all the following services (and then some):

Cloud service / VPN setup
Servers / NAS setup / troubleshooting
Network / computer troubleshooting
Virus removal
Web / Online Presence development
Security system / Video Surveillance setup
Wireless Networking
Portable Computers / Tablets / Apps
Android / iOS / Windows
Private lessons / tutorials
System integration
“Smart home” set up / install
Data recovery
Offsite backup
Home Audio / Video
Streaming Services