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From a simple virus removal, to cloud migration, to servers, to wireless, we have you covered!

Your business's ally in the computer / IT world!

Of course we offer complete business care for any computer system you have, PC / Microsoft to Apple or Linux, no problem. We have been helping offices get their computer issues straight for years and these days with everything going mobile, the cloud (a fancy way of saying someone else's servers) is even more relevant... and keeping everything in sync more important than ever.

Have a power point presentation or word document at the office and want to edit it / stream it / access it via the road or another office? This is not what you should be focused on, let us focus on keeping you in sync, for you, it should just work!

Think you have to have a server? In some cases, you do (ahem: databases), but most users actually do not need servers and can utilize either the cloud or a simple NAS unit.

Did you open an email that you shouldn't have? We can help fix that as well!

Did an office computer just get stolen? Hope you had setup something in advance, otherwise that might have just become a liability... think locating the laptop is the key? Maybe, but unlike cell phones you would rely on the thief to connect it to the internet, try encryption instead!

Want to add a conference room monitor / computer / projection unit? We are here to help!

Do you have contacts on one device, calendars on another, another (with some overlapping) contacts on a third device? That is no way to run an office, and these days, paying to have a server dedicated to that task (IE: exchange) is not efficient!

Need cables pulled throughout your home for audio and video? Call today, we can help!

Think your backup is running properly? Have you tested it?
Do you have a offsite backup? Thief's don't leave backup units laying around to be nice!

Want to know if you left the office door open? What about a camera at the front door or in the warehouse? All while being monitored via your smartphone!

Don't believe the hype! You are not getting a free $100 gift card from Amazon - Spam (YUK) - we can help you install software that can help keep you safe and secure online!

Need to give your clients access to a wireless network but don't want to give them access to your servers / data? There are lots of options with varying levels of security!

AT&T got you down? Paying hundreds of dollars for... basic business phones? What if you could answer your office phone from your mobile phone or your iPad? Receive emails when you get a voicemail? Get text messages sent directly to your business number (and not just your cell)? Use your office phone number anywhere and not pay extra (so long as you were connected to the internet)? Take your phone home with you and have it ring as if you were at the office, hold HD video conferencing calls, basic telephone conferencing calls, all for less than what you are paying now! VoIP - we are here to help!

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We offer all the following services (and then some):

Cloud service / VPN setup
Servers / NAS setup / troubleshooting
Network / computer troubleshooting
Virus removal / malware removal
Web / Online Presence development
Security system / Video Surveillance setup
Wireless Networking / Cabled Networking
VoIP / Point of Sales Systems
Portable Computers / Tablets / Apps
Android / iOS / Windows
Lessons / Tutorials / Overview of Specific Software
System integration
“Smart office” set up / install
Data recovery
Offsite backup / on-site backup
Business Audio / Video setup / integration
Streaming Services
QuickBooks / Accounting software / Setup